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Go Cashless

There is more than one way to go cashless but only one way that really works at events. The Hero Ticket Way!

Go cashless and give your guests a much better event experience, get full control & visibility over money spent on site whilst boosting your on-site revenue by 15-30%. Going Cashless will produce multiple cost savings and is proven to significantly reduce crime rates and maximize operational efficiency whilst monitoring your entire event LIVE on your HERO TICKET dashboard.

Our cashless payment system can greatly limit or eliminate on-site cash handling, reducing potential loss and providing valuable insight into food and beverage sales. Visitors can top up money on their wristbands prior to the start of the event. And during the event automated top-ups can also be authorized making queuing at ATMs no longer necessary. The Hero Ticket cashless payments system runs completely offline to ensure constant cashless transactions.

  • Online, Offline or a combination of both
  • Closed or open loop system or a hybrid of both
  • Reducing transport and counting of cash
  • Real-time reporting of all bar and vendor sales
  • Stolen or lost wristbands can be cancelled whereby balances can be transferred
  • Different price matrix are applicable (per zone, per bar)
  • Customer balance checking options


Reach out to your perfect match about your upcoming event. With Hero Ticket’s Email & SMS campaign you can now speak to one of the Largest Databases in the country helping your sell more tickets to your perfect guests.

Discover Your Guest in The Crowd!


Understanding your customer behavior takes REAL data. Hero Ticket provides you with a CRM where you will see every aspect of your guest data and you can manage it all – In real time.


Hero Tickets event account dashboard allows you to highlight your support partners and give them the exposure the require.


Tired of Howling at the Moon? With Hero Ticket get paid within a week of your event, with broken down recons and no hidden costs accessing your money shouldn’t be difficult.

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